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SaaS SEO Pricing

Hungry for More B2B Leads for Your SaaS Solution? Confounded by the Diverse SaaS SEO Pricing Options? Grab a Transparent View of SaaS SEO Service Costs—Right Here!
SaaS SEO Pricing

How Much Does SaaS SEO Services Cost for the Year 2023?

When it comes to boosting leads for B2B and SaaS companies, one question looms large: What’s the price tag of SaaS SEO services? To provide an accurate answer to this query, you must consider the multifaceted factors that influence the cost.

In determining the actual cost, it’s imperative to consider the scope of services you require from your SEO agency. This scope, often referred to as deliverables, plays a pivotal role in shaping the investment you’ll make.

Typically, SEO companies price their Comprehensive SaaS SEO Services in the range of $2000 to $ 2,500 per month. What does this encompass? It entails more than just a superficial commitment; it includes the crafting of a holistic SEO strategy and a meticulously planned roadmap to execute it.

At Microgility, We exercise 100%  transparency in SEO pricing and the cost involved. Our SaaS SEO pricing plans are broken down to provide a clear-cut cost overview of the services that you choose.

Why Invest in SaaS SEO?

In the world of B2B agencies, Google reigns as the go-to platform for supplier searches. To ensure your product ranks when potential clients make their moves, you must craft an effective plan.

Yet, a common misconception among business owners is that this endeavor entails hefty costs, demanding substantial investment in a well-designed SEO strategy. While investment is indeed necessary, it’s crucial to recognize that what you’re truly investing in is the opportunity to outshine your competitors. This translates to more than just capital—it equates to higher rankings, which in turn means more revenue.

Investing in SaaS SEO not only boosts your brand’s visibility but also builds its reputation and awareness among the public. The result? A brand that stays etched in the minds of your audience for years to come. As more business owners come across your product, the likelihood of attracting more business to your doorstep skyrockets..

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Cost-Defining Factors of SaaS SEO Services

As we’ve previously discussed, pinpointing an exact number for SaaS SEO Services isn’t a straightforward task. The reason? Well, it all boils down to the various factors that wield influence over the final cost. 

Companies around the world, after taking these factors into careful consideration, arrive at a definitive pricing structure. By considering these factors, you can estimate the budget for your SaaS SEO services and determine the amount you need to invest.

SaaS Specified SEO Agency Experience

SaaS marketing isn’t your typical marketing venture; it’s a specialized field with a unique target audience and niche. When it comes to selecting an SEO agency, you can’t afford to invest your hard-earned money in one that lacks a proven history of working with B2B companies or SaaS enterprises like yours.

This is where the significance of experienced SaaS SEO professionals becomes evident. While their services might come with a higher price tag, there’s more to the equation than meets the eye.

What they bring to the table is what you’ve been envisioning – a substantial increase in SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads). Their extensive experience within your niche empowers them not just to compete but to excel, positioning your business head and shoulders above the competition.

These experts stay up-to-date with the latest algorithm updates and align their strategies with Google’s evolving requirements. This grants you peace of mind, knowing that your product is entrusted to capable hands.

Pricing Models

It’s important to understand that pricing models don’t directly determine the cost of SaaS SEO services; instead, they offer you a range of choices and options that are both user-friendly and cost-effective. Among the four most commonly used pricing models, here they are:

Hourly Based: You pay for the time and expertise dedicated to your project.
Monthly Based: A popular choice among companies, this model offers simplicity and flexibility. It allows you to tailor your deliverables to match your budget.
Service-Based: This model focuses on specific services, offering a more customized approach.
Project Based: Ideal for well-defined, one-time projects, this model ensures a clear scope and pricing structure.

The monthly-based pricing model stands out as the most favored among companies. Its simplicity and flexibility give you the freedom to align your deliverables with your budget. However, if cost is not a limiting factor, exploring service or project-based models might be worthwhile.
SaaS SEO Pricing

Seo Project Timeline

One of the most crucial factors to consider when selecting an SEO pricing structure is your timeline. Do you need guaranteed quick results? If so, opting for a service-based model or investing in an experienced team might be a better option.

A carefully planned timeline helps you prioritize and plan adequately. It also ensures that all tasks are completed within the set timeframe and budget.

The timeline varies from one project to another, but the average SEO plan can take anywhere between 2-3 months for execution. Keep in mind that this does not include any changes and tweaks you might make along the way.


Uncovering and understanding your competitors’ well-executed SEO strategies is key to developing an effective plan. Competitor analysis emphasizes the importance of investing in research, both for short-term and long-term success.

A thorough competitive analysis entails analyzing factors such as their keywords, content optimization, backlinks, etc., allowing you to craft a well-thought-out plan.By understanding the tactics employed by your rivals, you can identify opportunities for improvement and capitalize on them to give yourself an edge over the competition.

Tools and Platforms Used

The tools and platforms used play a major role in crafting your SaaS SEO pricing model. Not all agencies offer the same services or employ identical tools – some may offer more specialized services, while others might be limited to a certain set of tools.

It’s essential to confirm that the agency you are considering employs the right mix of up-to-date tools and platforms. This will enable them to accurately measure data, such as keyword rankings, web traffic, and conversion rates.

The right mix ensures that your SEO plan is both effective and efficient, so it pays to inquire about the technological resources an agency has at its disposal before hiring them.

Content Development

When it comes to SEO, content is king. Creating high-quality content relevant to your niche allows you to engage with potential customers, build trust within your industry, and optimize for search engine rankings.

Content development services offered by experienced SEO agencies tend to be pricier than those of their less-experienced counterparts. The quality you receive for this service is often worth the investment, as it can make or break your strategy’s success in the long run.

Investing in content creation will give your website an edge over competitors in terms of search engine visibility and rank higher in SERPs. Content can also help you drive organic traffic, build brand awareness, and establish thought leadership in your industry.

SaaS SEO Pricing

Comparing Costs: Freelancer vs. SaaS-Specific SEO Agency

While freelancers may seem more budget-friendly initially, it’s essential to delve deeper into the equation. Consider factors such as the breadth of services offered, the level of expertise, and the potential for long-term growth.

Freelancers might be suitable for specific, short-term projects or minimal ongoing maintenance. However, for ambitious SaaS companies aiming for sustained online success, the strategic insights, extensive experience, and collective knowledge of a specialized agency can make a world of difference.

What Is Included In Microgility's SaaS SEO Packages?

At Microgility, our core philosophy revolves around prioritizing our customers and their business needs. It’s this very principle that guides us in crafting SaaS SEO packages designed to put you, the customer, at the center. These packages are finely tuned to adapt to your unique circumstances and the dynamic conditions of your market. 

Complementary Site Audit

Every SEO journey begins with a well-crafted strategy. To demonstrate our commitment, each package includes a complimentary site audit. This audit serves as your guiding star, revealing opportunities and challenges tailored to your business. It sets the stage for a strategy meticulously designed to ensure your success.

Quality Link Building

Traditional link building and SaaS-specific link building are worlds apart. Our packages include qualitative link building from authoritative sites exclusively within the SaaS niche. These links serve as bridges, elevating your website’s authority and driving your rankings upward.

Page Optimization

Within each package, a specific number of pages undergo meticulous optimization. We fine-tune these pages to perfection, ensuring they resonate with your audience and search engines alike. This optimization transforms your website into a digital powerhouse, ready to attract and engage your target audience effectively.


Compelling content is the cornerstone of a successful online presence. Our packages integrate expert copywriting that speaks directly to your audience. Every word is strategically crafted to guide leads through a specific sales funnel framework, generating valuable leads for your business.

Content Calendar Design

We understand that consistency is key in the SaaS industry. Our packages include a meticulously designed content calendar tailored to your SaaS product. This calendar ensures a steady stream of relevant, engaging, and industry-specific content, keeping your audience captivated and informed.

Keywords Research

In the competitive SaaS niche, keywords are the compass guiding your SEO journey. Our packages encompass thorough keyword research specific to the SaaS industry. We identify the precise keywords that will elevate your visibility and place your brand at the forefront of your niche. Don’t settle for one-size-fits-all solutions. Elevate your SEO strategy with Microgility’s customized pricing plans. Your journey to online prominence begins with us. Contact us now!
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